EAEA11 Conference 2013

Posted by AIARG on July 15, 2013 at 3:05 PM

Envisioning Architecture, Design, Evaluation, Communication

EAEA11 Conference, Politecnico di Milano

25-28 September 2013


Following the mission of the association, theconference is meant to be a platform for communication and exchange of experiences,experimentation, research and collaboration in the field of environmentalsimulation in architecture and urban design. In particular, a focus on threetracks is proposed for the EAEA11, namely:

-  Track 1 | Visualizing Sustainability: making theinvisible visible

-  Track 2 | Experiential Simulation: the sensorialperception of the built environment

-  Track 3 | Conceptual Representation: exploring thelayout of the built environment

The first track will explore how the representation of sustainability isused in architecture and urban design. The second track will focus on the perceptionof the built environment, in order to explore techniques to integrate sensorialaspects in the design process. The third theme will investigate aspectsconcerning the conceptual (abstract) visualization, and therefore, the layoutand the elements of the architectural and the urban space.

The three tracks will be detailed taking into account:

-   Innovativeexperiences from the research world, from teaching and professional practice,investigating the various stages of design: composition, evaluation andcommunication of design projects.

-   Applications tocase studies and at different scales: from architecture to urban planning.

-   The use ofdifferent techniques of design, from hand drawing to CAD design, to BIM andparametric design.



To investigate the role of visualization as a tool for conception, verification, evaluation and communication of architecture and space. In particular we intend visualization as a platform for experimentation, exploration, research, user participation and teaching.

For more information, please visit the conference website

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